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Arcs Motor Club is a roadside assistance company serving motorists in Oakland, CA and its surrounding areas. We offer comprehensive emergency automotive services through our membership program. Whether you need a tire change or a jump start, just sign in using the feature provided or call us to benefit from our services. Not yet a member? Create an account today.

Benefit From Our Roadside Assistance Membership

Americans With Disabilities Act,

We believe in respecting the the rights of Disabled Americans and Enforcing Your Rights.


Merger between Fred Loya Insurance and SeguroMex Roadside Assistance to be signed soon.



ARCS NETWORK SOLUTIONS Gatekeepers Insurance Certificate ($2,000,000,00) Two Million Dollars Insurance Coverage.

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ARCS BAY AREA ROADSIDE provides emergency roadside services. We specialize in rapid roadside jobs, need a flat replaced, keys locked in the car, dead faulty battery, we will get you that jump start and bring you gas if need be.

We service major road club providers and also render help for insurance agencies, we strive to partner with insurance agencies that offer high risk policies to drivers with less than perfect driving record, as an additional external coverage to insurance customers which are not offered this coverage we can cover.

checkout discounts available to non insurance customers.



Apply for our Financing Option, we offer credit accounts to customers.

Credit Check is required.




ARCS BAY AREA reports payment history to major credit bureaus helps high risk drivers rebuild credit history by reporting to Experian-Equifax-Transunion.

 Regulation B protects applicants from discrimination in any aspect of a credit transaction.

SCOPE.The Equal Credit Opportunity Act and Regulation B apply to all credit—commercial as well as personal—without regard to the nature or type of the credit or the creditor, except for an entity excluded from coverage of this part (but not the Act) by section 1029 of the Consumer Financial Protection Act of 2010 (12 U.S.C. 5519). If a transaction provides for the deferral of the payment of a debt, it is credit covered by Regulation B even though it may not be a credit transaction covered by Regulation Z (Truth in Lending) (12 CFR Part 1026). Further, the definition of creditor is not restricted to the party or person to whom the obligation is initially payable, as is the case under Regulation Z. Moreover, the Act and regulation apply to all methods of credit evaluation, whether performed judgmentally or by use of a credit scoring system.




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